Why Premier Partner

Troy Duhon, Premier Automotive’s founder and President, believes in supporting driving and talented general managers achieve their dreams of owning an interest in their own dealership. Some of the unique opportunities that Premier’s Dealer/Partners enjoy include:

  • Distributions are typically made monthly based on a percentage of net operating profit... "Make It, Take It".
  • Dealer Partners are empowered with high-level involvement in operations and decision making at their stores.
  • Dealer Partners are not restricted to ownership and operation of a single store; multiple store platform ownership interest opportunities are available to high-performing Partners.
  • Premier provides its Partners with progressive, growth oriented business planning with no limitations on opportunity.
  • Premier connects its Partners with great life coaching services to attain maximum personal and professional growth.
  • Premier University is utilized to encourage longevity, tenure, and a desire to promote from within the organization.
  • Partners are part of an organization committed to improving people's lives through community service and outreach.
  • Partners are often involved in key tactical decisions for future growth and structure - true transparency is the rule.
  • Partner spouses are strongly encouraged to involve their spouses in their store's plan for community outreach so that the whole family can get involved in the great work that the dealership does for its community and beyond.

For more information out our Dealer/Partner opportunities, please contact us.

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Premier's goal is to not only build great business people and leaders, but to ensure that these people maintain the highest standard of morals and ethics.


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The Premier organization, through its the ‘Hope the Premier Way Foundation’ and owner Troy Duhon, will put over six hundred thousand dollars back into the marketplace and charitable organizations they represent.

Funds are set aside from each car sold to contribute towards Premier's Profit for a Purpose. These funds allow each dealership to help local charities in order to give back to the communities in which they operate.

Premier's vision is "Profit for a Purpose". Our hope is that Premier's passion for giving back to the community will become contagious and encourage other companies to do the same.

  • Premier University supports the foundation of our philosophy by building up our employees and growing our organization from within. By giving our employees all of the tools and information to continue their education within this industry, we are able to create stand-out employees and a high retention of our employees.
  • Our employees are provided with numerous training opportunities and other resources provided by our manufacturers, vendors, and our own executive team.Every training opportunity as well as resources provided by manufacturers, automotive vendors, and our executive team is consistently provided throughout all departments. Monthly training elements are highlighted so there is something always available to those who want to learn, improve and excel. In doing so, our management staff stand out in their field and are given opportunities for advancement. Each dealership receives support from Premier Automotive Management’s team of executives who specialize in all facets of the business.
  • Premier University complements Premier’s ‘grow from within’ attitude by building up current employees. Through training and ‘career paths’ employees are given the tools for success and growth. Employees that take advantage of the opportunities to perfect their craft are recognized and encouraged to pursue internal opportunities for career growth and often become lifelong employees with Premier.


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The Premier Purchase Plan was established due to a lack of credit approval for customers in our area. Seeing the need and having a solution for our consumers brought about the Premier Plan.