Premier Partners

Why Premier?

  • We are a forward-thinking, growth-driven business that strategizes and embraces boundless opportunities with 35 stores and growing, which makes us one of the fastest growing companies in the retail automotive industry.
  • Dealer Partners have the ability to make a significant impact in their surrounding communities through charitable contributions and community outreach known as “Profit for a Purpose.”
  • Premier University encourages longevity, tenure, and a desire to foster internal growth within the organization.
  • Partners are integral members of an organization dedicated to making a positive impact on people’s lives every day.
  • Partners actively participate in key tactical decisions regarding future growth and organizational structure, where true transparency is upheld as the guiding principle.
  • We emphasize and encourage the active involvement of spouses in the development of each store and community outreach, which fosters a complete family environment.

Surpassing Standards

  • Dealer Partners are granted significant empowerment in both operational aspects and decision-making within their stores.
  • The organization holds the authority to, at its discretion, provide a loan guarantee for the Partner’s ownership investment capital.
  • Partners possess the ability to repay the investment loan through operating profit distributions.
  • Dealer Partners actively participate in all revenue streams, ensuring that no income is kept offshore or at the Management Company level.
  • Succession planning ensures that the Partner has the opportunity to buy out Troy Duhon’s interest in the event of his passing.

Profit for a Purpose

  • Premier’s vision is centered around “Profit for a Purpose,” and our hope is that our passion for giving back to the communities we belong to becomes contagious and inspires other like-minded companies.
  • Premier dealerships allocate a portion of funds from every car sold to create a dedicated pool of resources for giving back. These funds enable each dealership to collaborate with local charities and actively contribute to the betterment of the communities where we operate.
  • The Premier organization established Giving HOPE in 2013. HOPE is an acronym that represents “Helping Other People Everyday.” Giving HOPE provides resources to several different outreaches annually, including The Food Pantry of New Orleans and also HOPE for a Home, which builds orphanages around the world.

Premier University

  • Premier Automotive values its employees and acknowledges their pivotal role in the company’s success.
  • Through Premier University, we invest in our employees and foster a ‘bottom-up’ approach. By providing them with comprehensive tools and educational resources, we nurture standout professionals and achieve exceptional retention rates.
  • We ensure consistent training opportunities and resources across all departments, made available through manufacturers, automotive vendors, and our executive team. Monthly highlights offer fresh materials for those eager to learn, improve, and excel.
  • Premier University supports the “grow from within” approach, empowering current employees through training and career development. We provide tools for success and growth, recognizing and promoting employees who strive for continuous improvement, fostering lifelong commitment within the company.

Premier Plan

  • The Premier (Purchase) Plan was created to address credit approval challenges faced by customers in specific areas. Recognizing this need and having a consumer-oriented solution led to the inception of the Premier Plan.
  • The Premier Plan is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for credit-challenged customers, aiming to help them get into the car of their dreams. This program attempts to achieve this goal in just 12 to 18 months.
  • The Premier Plan strives to boost credit by placing customers in an affordable vehicle. If they comply with the payment schedules and customer guidelines, they may become eligible to upgrade their vehicle and lower their interest rate within 6 or 12 months.
  • After six months, an initial check-in meeting is scheduled to review compliance to the guidelines and payments. If the customer’s credit has improved and all guidelines are met, Premier may be able to assist them in upgrading to a newer vehicle.

Our Purpose

  • Premier aims to attract, train, and retain long-term Dealer Partners who seek to enrich their lives through “Profit for a Purpose.” We support the creation of generational wealth to secure their families’ futures while embracing the essence of community outreach and actively helping those in need through a hands-on approach.

Premier Program

  • Partners benefit from attractive levels of initial investment due to Premier’s “Buy Low and Work High” approach.
  • Partners can receive 75% of dividends monthly, provided that working capital requirements are maintained, known as “Make It Take It”.
  • Partners can create generational wealth by engaging in reinsurance companies set up at each store and participating at their ownership interest levels.
  • Partners have access to platform opportunities as new deals are acquired in their market areas, making multiple store ownership interests a reality at Premier.
  • At Premier, there is no “packing” or subsidizing of management company fees or other products. We only pass through exact and actual costs to the store level for monthly charges.
  • Premier Partners undergo an intensive four-week training program, Premier Dealer Academy, which aims to support Partners in both logistical and strategic aspects. This enables operational success and emphasizes personal development. It also focuses on faith, family, and achieving an optimal balance in their personal lives.
  • Premier Partners receive substantial support from Premier’s Management Company, embodying a servant leadership approach from a “Bottom Up” rather than a “Top Down” perspective.

Premier’s Mission